UCMUG Apple Ambassador

As I promised in the meeting January 9, 2017, here is a rule for Apple Mail to help block those image spam messages we all seem to be getting.

In Mail, go to Apple>Preferences

Picture 2

and click over to the Rules tab.

Picture 3

Click Add Rule.

Make the window look like this (you can name it whatever you want):

Picture 1

Your Header List probably doesn't include [Content-Type], so you have to add it. When you click on the From pulldown button, look all the way at the bottom for the Edit Header List and add Content-Type.

Click OK and you are done.

Here's an explanation if you care: the multipart/related and .gif tags catch those images that normal spam filters don't catch. Because these emails are almost always from random addresses and never the same one twice (to fool regular spam filters) it catches stuff from folks who have never sent you anything, but only if they contain .gif multipart/related images.

The rule then moves the message to your junk folder, turns it pink (this is just so you can see how many of this kind of message it catches, and so you can quickly find false positives) and marks it as read. This filter only works if you have your junk mail filter set to Automatic, as shown in the screen shot below.

Picture 4

Also, credit where credit is due. I didn't make this up. I got it from MacOSXHints. Click here to visit the exact hint and scroll down to the comment from David A Lewis, which is where I got the details hint.